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Pokemon X and Y…..


So the new Pokemon games X and Y are about to be released on Saturday, October 12, 2013. The reviews from sites like IGN, have given this game a 9 out of 10. They claim that it finally a better game with better RPG elements and that the new multiplayer concepts work much more beautifully than ever before. But because Pokemon just seems to keep going down hill, I’m probably going to wait to get it. I love Pokemon as much as the next guy; I mean it was my childhood. But these new Pokemon look weak and the new mega evolutions do not make me what these games any sooner. That being said, X and Y looks way better than Pokemon Black and White 1 and 2 so I still might get it.


One response to “Pokemon X and Y…..

  1. See Sam Write ⋅

    I’m not terribly keen on the the mega evolutions, but I’m happy to still buy the game as soon as I can possibly afford it (HOPEFULLY on the release date, but maybe not 😛 )
    I’m hoping that they’ll grow on me? I love the idea of pretty much all of the other features though 🙂
    Also, goodness, I don’t understand the hate for gen 5 XD I LOVED it XD This is probably going to sounds absolutely scandalous, but I think first gen was my least favourite. Then again, even though it was my least favourite, I still adore it, so that’s probably not saying all that much XD I guess I just don’t think that Pokemon has gone downhill, although I know that a fair few do.

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